The United States has the third lowest effective tax rate in the developed world.

About Obama as “deporter in chief.” (WaPo)

Compared to his predecessors, Obama has deemphasized removals and concentrated on returns. His numbers reflect a deliberate shift in strategy to exercise prosecutorial discretion to aid longtime immigrant residents who have family ties and no criminal backgrounds besides the immigration law violation.

A 1989 interview with Bill Watterson, creator of “Calivn and Hobbes.” (TCJ via Gerry Canavan)

I just draw it for myself. I guess I have a gift for expressing pedestrian tastes. In a way, it’s kind of depressing.

How Earbuds Have Changed The Sound (And Business) Of Pop  (Forbes)

While earbuds cannot accurately represent lower frequencies, they are, if anything, over representative of mid-range frequencies.

So what producers and engineers have done, over the years, is to use all sorts of audio-chicanery to trick your ears into hearing a bass sound that’s fundamentally missing from your earbuds.

Instead of expounding on the woes of the world, a political columnist discusses Herbert the Raccoon, who has taken up residence near his home. (NRO)

I have reviewed what other columnists and bloggers have written in the last few days on more frequent current political and economic personalities and subjects, and Henrietta and her cub are more interesting and more admirable. We would rather have them sheltering in or near our house than almost any contemporary political leader I can think of.