A survey of political media on Sunday suggests that the real story around Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate was the clandestine orchestration to keep the news under embargo.

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Really? The Republican ticket adds a daring, young knight of the conservative party and talk is about the paparazzi-like coverage of the vetting process? Romney’s campaign ties itself to a host of divisive issues, namely Ryan’s budget-reducing overhaul of the federal government, and the press still goes for campaign-trail buzz?

“Have a serious debate” has long been a cliche among press and pols alike, but there is little to show for investing in more substance. In this case, perhaps the topic should be what the Romney campaign aims to do should they secure the White House, rather than what kind of french fries they prefer to stop the bus for.
Howard Kurtz’ “Reliable Sources” had a relevant discussion of the matter. Some excerpts:
DEBRA SAUNDERS: “[Journalists are] understaffed and we’re overworked…we can just write a really quick easy story…it’s like a re-write job. Editors are asking for more and more stuff from us.”
BILL PRESS: “There is a laziness than a part of the press corps…”