Miranda Mulligan, the new executive director of theKnight News Innovation Lab at Northwestern University, was the keynote in a Poynter chat addressing how journalists can develop digital storytelling skills and be more innovative online.

While none of my questions were selected, there were some constructive points shared.


Advice to student journalists:

My advice for students is the same as my advice for professionals: Stop trying to learn from other journalists! …we have to get out of this rut of advising each other and expand our horizons a bit by being influenced by other industries. Journalists need technology, technology does NOT need us…So those of you lucky enough to have an engineering school, with computer science courses … GO MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!

Acquiring new skills:

The time is now. Everyone is busy. No one has time. So here’s the trICk: MAKE TIME. Like any good exercise routine, treat your lessons like doctor’s appts and stick to a schedule.

If you haven’t already seen DontFearTheInternet.com … check it out! … Easy to consume videos that help you get a bird’s eye view of how to make the internet….Also, Mandy Brown curated these tweets on HTML/CSS resources into a storify about a year ago: http://storify.com/aworkinglibrary/best-beginner-resources-on-html-css FANTASTIC.

BTW – forget Flash. Learn javascript. AND MOBILE. MOBILE. MOBILE. MOBILE.

Go to conferences where you learn from non-journalists. Read blogs, articles, manifestos, by non-journalists. READ: A list Apart and A Book Apart. Go to An Event Apart. Read anything that Mandy Brown publishes. Read Contents magazine. Watch for Mozilla’s evolving project Source and OpenNews from the awesome minds of Dan Sinker and Erin Kissane (+more).


Coffee is a MUST