I spent six minutes drawing my finger down my mobile screen to refresh Tapbot, only to receive a red notification that Twitter was not responding.

Text message from my friend Simmone informs “It’s down.”

Wrote emails.

Called insurance provider to see if they covered Twitter being down. They don’t.

Read this, this and this via Pocket.

Received an email from a friend in Wisconsin that Twitter is down, and the end of the world was surely following soon after.

Experimented with what the amount of play now-crippled Twitter clients had (e.g. Tweetbot, Twitter, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck)

Realized that I can’t transfer pictures taken on my mobile to my laptop. Not without some muscle at least.

Went for a coffee.

Enjoyed coffee outside.

Went to the fridge, found a snack. Cherries are in season.

Back to the command center, where Twitter is still down for me, but some witty tweets were percolating in from those who had found access points.

Discovered that Hydrox, often thought to be Oreo knock-offs, debuted in 1908. Oreos, 1912.

More to come…

UPDATE 11:21 a.m. PST: Many systems back on, no Tweetdeck though.