Watching #NBCfail On Twitter

The missteps of NBC, the network with exclusive rights to airing the 2012 London Olympics, has caused an uproar on social media channels. There is ample targets for disconcerted viewers:

Discontented viewers have taken to tagging criticism on social channels with #NBCfail, prominently on Twitter.

Above, a graph of Twitter updates containing “nbcfail” according to Topsy.

According to NBC’s PR department, they have been nailing it.



Cleaning Out My Spam Filter

I used to neglect my spam folder in Gmail, but after missing some important incoming, I make a habit of checking periodically. Occasionally I will find something that should not be there, but most falling in the hidden folder are indeed spam. I open some of the most ridiculous sounding ones just to see what crazy stuff is being cooked up on the Internet.

Tonight, I found something that piqued my interest not in one of the quarantined emails, but in the Google ad placed above.

It is an advertisement for Spam Swiss Pie. So, apparently that exists.

How I spent “Twitter Is Down”

I spent six minutes drawing my finger down my mobile screen to refresh Tapbot, only to receive a red notification that Twitter was not responding.

Text message from my friend Simmone informs “It’s down.”

Wrote emails.

Called insurance provider to see if they covered Twitter being down. They don’t.

Read this, this and this via Pocket.

Received an email from a friend in Wisconsin that Twitter is down, and the end of the world was surely following soon after.

Experimented with what the amount of play now-crippled Twitter clients had (e.g. Tweetbot, Twitter, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck)

Realized that I can’t transfer pictures taken on my mobile to my laptop. Not without some muscle at least.

Went for a coffee.

Enjoyed coffee outside.

Went to the fridge, found a snack. Cherries are in season.

Back to the command center, where Twitter is still down for me, but some witty tweets were percolating in from those who had found access points.

Discovered that Hydrox, often thought to be Oreo knock-offs, debuted in 1908. Oreos, 1912.

More to come…

UPDATE 11:21 a.m. PST: Many systems back on, no Tweetdeck though.

2009: @ckanal envisions social journalism of 2012

Craig Kanalley, Huffington Post’s senior editor, uploaded his first appearance on television, dating to 2009. On Fox Business’ special “Media Industry: Where We’re Headed” Craig discusses a Twitter journalism class he was teaching at DePaul University.

Twitter invented in 2006, didn’t take off until 2007. It is now 2012, and how Twitter has grown and evolved is astounding. Somehow, Craig knew in 2009 where Twitter could take journalism and information sharing. Some poignant soundbites:

TV host: Twittering; bazillion people tweeting; don’t underestimate the value of a good back-hand; you might be onto something here; I don’t know Craig, I’m still on the fence.

Craig Kanalley:

  • Social media journalism requires a lot of traditional journalism principles.
  • We will see news organizations that center around Twitter.
  • You can build credibility through tweets.

.@mirandamilligan on digital journalism at @poynter

Miranda Mulligan, the new executive director of theKnight News Innovation Lab at Northwestern University, was the keynote in a Poynter chat addressing how journalists can develop digital storytelling skills and be more innovative online.

While none of my questions were selected, there were some constructive points shared.


Advice to student journalists:

My advice for students is the same as my advice for professionals: Stop trying to learn from other journalists! …we have to get out of this rut of advising each other and expand our horizons a bit by being influenced by other industries. Journalists need technology, technology does NOT need us…So those of you lucky enough to have an engineering school, with computer science courses … GO MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!

Acquiring new skills:

The time is now. Everyone is busy. No one has time. So here’s the trICk: MAKE TIME. Like any good exercise routine, treat your lessons like doctor’s appts and stick to a schedule.

If you haven’t already seen … check it out! … Easy to consume videos that help you get a bird’s eye view of how to make the internet….Also, Mandy Brown curated these tweets on HTML/CSS resources into a storify about a year ago: FANTASTIC.

BTW – forget Flash. Learn javascript. AND MOBILE. MOBILE. MOBILE. MOBILE.

Go to conferences where you learn from non-journalists. Read blogs, articles, manifestos, by non-journalists. READ: A list Apart and A Book Apart. Go to An Event Apart. Read anything that Mandy Brown publishes. Read Contents magazine. Watch for Mozilla’s evolving project Source and OpenNews from the awesome minds of Dan Sinker and Erin Kissane (+more).


Coffee is a MUST


Authorized Access to your Google Account

Wait, someone else has access to my Google account?

In my case, not one, but many services, apps, and sites have access to my Google account. I will occasionally check in on social accounts (e.g. Review  Twitter’s authorized applications) and kick out those I rarely use, feeling skeptical about, or can’t remember what they do. But I forget that despite how much of my life I entrust to Google, it is very much a social service.

Thankfully, I was reminded that we can view and manage who has access to our Google account by @Zee.

Review authorized access to your Google account.

I did it, and I recommend that you do as well. I am now concerned with how liberally I grant access to services with terrible names ending in “…bly.”

Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting via @hartpandrew

In the early morning of Friday, July 20, a gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colo for the premiere of the new Batman movie. The Denver Post reports that about 50 were wounded, 12 killed. I recommend their coverage of the event.

This is how the event has played out for me in Seattle, as seen through various media.

Currently, I am watching Twitter and the Reuters live stream. Reuters does live coverage exceptionally well, and with Matthew Keys now on the team, there is nowhere else I turn in such times. Keys is the touchstone for breaking news through social channels. He recently took a hiatus from Twitter, but today’s event called for his expertise and return to the stream.

I first saw the shooting just after midnight PST. Jon Passantino, an editor for AOL and a mentor of mine, was the first with the news among those I follow on Twitter. His updates, along with those from Aurora, kept me up all night.

I pulled @passantino‘s tweets here.

Poynter pulled tweets of those near the shooting and share them here.

A young journalist was among those killed.

Reddit was once again a source of impressive citizen journalism.

The National Rifle Association tweeted something dumb.

Listed: Columbia Journalism Review’s “20 women to watch”

The Columbia Journalism Review compiled a list of women shaping the future of the media industry. I created a Twitter list of the nominees that maintained an account.

Follow along here.


Philadelphia police officers are victims of multiple vehicular incidents

On Tuesday evening, I shared a tweet from ABC Philadelphia affiliate KPVI that a Philadelphia police officer had been struck by a car.

One of my Philadelphia contacts, Annie Heckenberger, replied that this was the second incident in a week involving police officers. Annie notified me of the week’s earlier story where Officer Marc Brady’s bicycle was struck by the car driven by Kareem Alleyne. The incident occurred Sunday, and on Monday he was charged with homicide by vehicle and manslaughter.

Tuesday’s incident involved a 26-year-old police officer, who was hit and dragged by a truck that officer’s had stopped. He was taken to the hospital to treat non-life threatening injuries.

Concerning developments, hopefully not a trend. I share because it speaks to the power of social media in reporting. It would be very unlikely that I would have come across this story had I not established social media contacts in Philadelphia after my recent trip there. Through our congenial relationship, we have established trust and intuition into one another’s interests. Thus, we are able to act as an affiliate news source in a city across the country, a pair of eyes and ears we can depend on.

Best News Website Design: 2007

My how things have changed, or have they? Looking for different takes at designing a news website, I came across what was considered a well designed site in years past.

Mercury News, 2007

Houston Chronicle, 2007

Chicago Tribune, 2008

News website design sure has come a long way…




Twitter Search Tools

Steve Buttry, the Director of Community Engagement & Social Media for Digital First Media andJournal Register Co., recently shared a great explainer of how to use Twitter’s new advanced search. I recommend the article for anyone interested in how to use Twitter for research, or for a perspective on the dynamic applications of Twitter.

In addition to the strategies shared in Steve’s post, I have posted some additional notes and resources, many spurred by Steve’s post.


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